About Maidenhead Week

It's time for all organisations - including businesses and community groups across the board - to celebrate! Celebrate their history, heritage and existence.

Why celebrate you may ask?

There are lots of reasons to celebrate! We have listed just a few below :-

  1. Explore new fascinating and delightful facts
  2. Discover community groups you never knew existed
  3. Pay tribute to those who've worked hard for the benefit of others
  4. Realise cultural details and significance 
  5. Take pride your town which transcends physical appearance alone

Maidenhead Week logo


What can you do to celebrate the week?

There're lots of ways to take part and we'd like you to list your activities on this web site. Simply click "Add your celebration" from the min menu.

Here are some ideas, although we're sure you can think of many more!

  1. Run a quiz for the week 
  2. Have a street party!
  3. Hold school competitions
  4. Launch an open day or week
  5. Celebrate any anniversaries for your organisation
  6. Hold a special promotion or discount
  7. Tell us about your story in Maidenhead, regardless of when you arrived
  8. Make  donation to the Heritage Centre (registered charity), and we'll list you on our "Donor Celebration" Page
  9. Write a poem, story or song and we'll publish it using our communication channels
  10. Sign up to the celebration gala dinner >> find out more

It's easy to participate for one day or the whole week. You could even use the occasion to launch a new idea, product or concept.